20 family-inspired menus

This cookbook features 20 complete menus, each accompanied by a family story, and includes 149 recipes and 105 helpful cooking tips.


Dad proposed to Mom in Austria twice, and she said no both times. When Dad immigrated to Canada in 1948, little did he know that Mom and her parents would also immigrate in 1951, and he'd have a third chance. Courage, determination, and a never-give-up attitude are special qualities that define our parents and inspire Audrey and me, too.


Marinated Goat Cheese
Truly Canadian Pork Tenderloin
Smothered Potatoes
Lemon Pepper Asparagus
Award-Winning Blueberry Drizzle Salad
Brownie Sundaes

During the development of this cookbook, one of our nephews was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. I didn't realize that having diabetes meant that so much thought and decision-making needed to go into the simple act of eating. My first reaction was to remove the desserts from my cookbook. But then I decided to do something that would have a positive impact on my nephew's life and on the lives of others with juvenile diabetes. I'm giving 5% of the net profits of The Two Sisters Cookbook to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Canada – they are working on finding a cure for juvenile diabetes. www.jdrf.ca